Brownies and the 4th of July

Omigod…these ribs taste so good.  The sauce is awesome.  And this corn…so sweet.  Nothing like the farmer’s market.  I love the fourth of July!  

“Hey! Arjun, honey bear, please get down. That’s Grandpa’s seat.  Your plate is over here.  See?  Mosie put a small plate out for you.”

This potato salad is probably killing my Weight Watchers points for the day, but…so what!  This is delicious.  

“Arjun! Get your hands out of the salad bowl. I know you’re hungry, but just wait, I’ll spoon some out for you.  What?  No, you cannot have a brownie!  You have to eat your dinner first.”

Those brownies did look good.  I hope there are still some left after dinner.  

“Pumpkin, please don’t touch the silverware. That is Auntie’s knife, okay?  Leave it alone!”

Should I go grab a brownie real quick before they’re all gone?  Last time Mom made those, everyone ate them up before I finished dinner.  They looked so fudgy.  I think she put chocolate chips into them.

“Dev, Arjun is acting up.  Can you come over here and help out?”

I’ll grab a brownie real quick.  I’ve been outside all day with these kids.  I deserve it!  Just one brownie. 

“What, Arjun?  No!  You cannot eat the salt.  Do you want some corn?  Here, have an ear of corn.”

Maybe I shouldn’t have a brownie.  Why did Mom have to make those?  She knows I’m on Weight Watchers.  God these holidays are crap for a diet.  No…not a diet…Weight Watchers isn’t a diet, is it?  Just points.  Points I killed with chips and beer and all that other crap I ate on the deck earlier.  But…what will a brownie do now?  It practically doesn’t matter at this point.  

“Hey, Arjun, no picking lettuce from the salad bowl.  Or tomatoes.  Just settle down and eat your corn!  Dev!  Please…can you help?”

I shouldn’t eat the brownies.  No brownies.  I need to be good. Have to wear my bathing suit on Monday for that play date at the pool.  

“Honey, no you cannot drink Grandpa’s wine.  Please just sit in your seat.  Come on, honey.  Please?  Dev, what are you doing?  Can’t you come over here?  Oh…sorry, didn’t realize Indira was doing potty.  No, help her…I’m fine.”

You know, the brownie might actually be good for me.  Chocolate is good for my heart, right?  Is that dark chocolate or light chocolate?  Is it good for my liver?  I know I read that somewhere. 

“Oh, God!  Arjun, did you poop?”

God he’s cute when he giggles.  But that smells awful.  Sweet lord have mercy.

“That smells awful, Arjun! What, Dev?  No, it’s ok.  Just a poopy diaper.  No, take your time with Indira.  Get some food when you get a chance.  The corn is great!”

I should ask him to grab me a brownie before they run out.  Omigod what a huge poop.  When will this kid potty train?  I cannot wait to be done with this crap.

“What?  What, Dev?  Yes, Indira likes beans.  You can give her beans.  She already ate them?  Okay, fine.  Whatever…why are you asking me, then?  Okay, Arjun, all set.  Let’s go back to the dinner table!  Finish our corn!”

I should grab a brownie while I’m up.  Yes…I do deserve it!  I just cleaned my third poopy diaper today.  That warrants a brownie for dessert, right?  Yes!  It does!  I can start Weight Watchers over again on Monday.  This week is done anyway…over…I killed it with like, a gazillion points already.  Brownies brownies brownies here I come!!!!  

“Arjun you sit here…Mommy will be right back.  Eat your corn.”

Oh no!  Only one left…let me grab it before anyone else-

“Oh!  Hi Indira!  Papa said I’d give you a brownie?  Because you ate all your beans? And your potatoes?”


“Yes, honey-bunny, here you go!  You get the last one, you lucky duck!  Go back to Papa now.  Eat it at the table, don’t let the crumbs get on the floor.  Here, put it on this napkin and walk back to the table.”

Man…these kids are a real buzzkill sometimes.

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