The Cliffs of Moher

We departed Shannon Airport for the Cliffs of Moher, which offers unbelievably striking views of the Atlantic. You truly feel as if you’re on the edge of the earth (and you quite literally are on the edge of Ireland in some spots).

The drive was a long one – over an hour from the airport – but we were fortunate to have the tour bus, and we were quickly learning how much value Dermott, our driver and tour guide, would add to the trip. He was personable and kind, and allowed us to settle into our new daytime mobile home for the following week.

The bus was indeed comfortable; leather bucket seats, outlets for our phones and devices to charge, clean, large windows out of which we enjoyed our first views of the Irish countryside. The views were stunning, making the time in transit go by more quickly.

We arrived at the Cliffs and Dermott gave us a sense of how much service he would provide over the next week; he told us where exactly he was going to park, how we should approach the Cliffs, where to walk and not walk, and pitfalls to avoid, tourist trap-wise.  He made it very easy for us, by taking the thinking out of the logistics and allowing us to simply focus on enjoying the aesthetic feast we were about to behold.

We ascended to the very top of the one cliff, to a plateau on which, in the 19th century, local landowner Cornelius O’Brien built a tower to serve as a viewing spot. It’s now called, aptly, O’Brien’s Tower.

Then…back down, all of us a feeling the weariness of the flight starting to wear, thankful we had a bus and driver to take us to the Old Grand Hotel in Ennis.

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