“Rock Sans Sean”

Yesterday, Dermott stopped the tour bus on the side of the road along the ring of Kerry and ascended about 25 feet up a slate rock (but not dangerous) hill to capture photos of the vista…it was absolutely stunning (pictures #1 and #2, below).

Here’s another picture, of Minyoung taking a photo. Again…absolutely stunning. This scenery is breathtaking.

Then Minyoung turned, and said to Bernard, Ann, and I: “Pose there, I’ll take a photo.”

Behind us, the rock. In front of us, the breathtaking vista.

Sean wasn’t there as he had opted to hang in the bus while we galavanted above. Bernard objected to the rock behind us; he gave us running commentary about the rock background versus the vista foreground; why were taking a photo with a big rock in the background while on the Ring of Kerry, how it’d make more sense to use the vista as a background, etc etc. Ann and I were laughing, as was Minyoung, who patiently waited for us to pose while we giggled.

Ann and I caught laughing at Bernard’s running commentary of a Ring of Kerry photo with a rock background.
…and the final photo.

When the photo was finally clicked, Bernard titled it … “Rock Sans Sean”.

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