Unexpected Surprise at the Westlodge Hotel

The fun continues…we arrived at the Westlodge Hotel Bantry in County Cork  on Friday evening.  All was OK; we had each checked in…all of us except Mom & Dad that is. When Mom approached the front desk and provided her name, the woman behind the front desk had trouble finding it.

“I’m so sorry,”, she said, blushing.  “I just can’t find your name in the system. I’m so sorry.”  She was clicking the mouse repeatedly at this point, her eyes locked on the computer screen in front of her.

“It’s so ironic,” Mom said with a smile that broke into a small laugh. “Everyone else is here because of us. It’s our 50th wedding anniversary!”

Another attendant came over to help to help the woman at the computer screen, who was now blushing, and who looked as if she wanted to crawl under her desk when my mom mentioned the 50th wedding anniversary. Both ladies focused on the screen, and then quickly adapted to the situation, finding a suitable contingency plan to the lost booking.

The Bridal Suite was available!!!

Sharing a photo of Mom & Dad from June 15, 1968: 💕

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