Man’s (and Arjun’s) Best Friend. Jake.

In Ireland, Arjun has met cousins, eaten medieval feasts, climbed the steps of 1,000 year old castles, pet a donkey, pet a dog that was sitting on a donkey, met a shepherd and his sheep and sheepdogs, viewed the Ring of Kerry, played in an 18-wheeler sized bouncy house, drank more soda and eaten more candy then ever before in his life, and enjoyed a horse & carriage ride at his great-grandfather’s farmhouse.

But yesterday he met Jake. And everything, I believe, will now pale in comparison to Jake.

Jake is a 1 1/2 year old dog who is one of the most adorable and friendly 4-legged friends a 7-year old could ask for. He belongs to Neil & Margaret McSweeney, whose home we were visiting last night for dinner. The evening was wonderful – family time is truly the highlight of this trip. Ann, Devanjn, and I were treated to many memories from past visits to Ireland made by Mom and Dad, and learning about the many cousins in the McSweeney family (Mom’s Aunt Lil McSweeneys was Grandpa’s younger sister).

As much as we were enjoying the human company indoors, Arjun was loving the canine company outdoors. It didn’t start out as an obvious match…when we first arrived, Jake barked at us (as any self-respecting dog will do to protect his manor). We asked Neil if the dog was friendly, and Neil said, “His name is Jake. If he likes you he may jump up on you.” So we approached Jake at first – Ann, me, and the kids…he then slowly approached us, ears down, sniffing us curiously, then he nuzzled in, allowed us to pet him, enjoying our affections, and before we knew it he was in Ann’s lap! And he didn’t just jump up…he stood there, tail wagging, and then pressed his head into her…like he was saying “More! More! I love you sooooo much!” So we sat there and pet him for a good 5 minutes, and then Ann and I went inside to visit with Neil and Margaret, Breda, who is heroically driving us around West Cork this weekend (❤️), my parents, and Dev.

The pictures show what then happened next…over the next 5 hours — nonstop playing outside – Arjun in particular who coudln’t get enough of his new best friend.

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