Ireland: Day 1

Prelude, July 4th: We’re On Our Way!

Most of us – Ann, Sean & Mel, Dev and I, and all the kids of course – departed the evening of July 4th from Mom & Dad’s house. An evening flight gave us the chance to enjoy part of Independence Day in Florham Park, which included Mark Taylor’s annual 4th of July party. By 5:30pm, we were well fed with burgers, beer, and an assortment of salads. And by 5:45pm, the van arrived to take us to the airport!  We captured our departure for posterity.

Newark Airport was, for the most part, a breeze. We left on time, and also received an updated from Bernard and Minyoung that, despite some hiccups out of JFK, they would be on their way too.


July 5th: We’ve Arrived!

The view of Ireland from our family’s window seat as we approached Shannon Airport.

One red-eye flight later, we’d arrived in Shannon Airport to peace and calm; no long lines, no lengthy waits at the baggage claim. We sailed through customs, immediately greeted with Irish charm. The customs agent – a gentleman with thinning salt and pepper hair – leaned over his desk to get a peek of Indira while inspecting her passport, and said to her, “Don’t be taking all the pretty pills; save some for the other girls.” I chuckled. Indira, smiling ear to ear, was speechless. Devanjn smiled too. The customs agent had us smiling and blushing with warm gooey feelings of welcoming after a 5 hour red-eye flight from Newark…

Welcome to Ireland!

We retrieved our bags and it was a relief to be in a smaller airport space than Newark.

Finally we exited. Shannon is a small airport, but big on hospitality. We had arrived on the morning of July 5th and so were treated to the gateway dressed up for 4th of July!


We met our tour guide, Dermott Walsh, upon exiting Customs.  Dermott came with his 21-passenger bus that had been re-fitted to fit 14 of us comfortably, with space for tables and two rows facing each other. We would grow so fond of Dermott over the next 6 days that by day 7 we were asking Dermott to join us on the remainder of our family vacation (sadly, he was unable to oblige).

We had to wait another 10 minutes for Bernard, Minyoung, and Ethan to exit as they were on a separate flight into Shannon.

Then…we were off! Read more about our Day 1 journey below:

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