Ireland: Day 3

Revisiting our ancestral roots near Skibbereen, County Cork.

Day 3 was our first day reconnecting with family.  So much family.

We sent a video to the O’Sullivans who are working to cure cancer — they were busy on the “Ring of Kerry Cycle Ride”, an annual charity event for many non-profits, including Breakthrough Cancer Research Centre.

We visited the Skibbereen Heritage Centre, a fantastic stop that completely re-calibrated my understanding (or lack thereof) of the Irish famine. I left the Centre with many more questions than I had walking in. I purchased “Skibbereen: The Famine Story” which I highly recommend. It’s an accessible, high level overview of the history of the famine in Skibbereen, which, as I learned, was “ground zero” for this seismically tragic event in Irish history.

We visited Milleennahorna, which is the home that Mom’s dad left in 1929 when he came to America. The home is still in the family, though it’s no longer an operational farm other than for the production of grass, which as Dermott explained to us is one of Ireland’s biggest products. While there, the kids enjoyed a horse and carriage ride and the adults enjoyed scones and tea in the house with Mom’s cousin, Sean.

And later that night, we met with over 30 cousins who most of us kids hadn’t seen in 18 years.

What a great day. What a fabulous night. The only unfortunate part about any of it was that it had to end.

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